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Summer Camps

Summer Camps with an Early Childhood Program - What Could be Better?

Adults display a range of feelings when it comes to routines. Some regard them as boring and stultifying while others tout them as stepping stones to efficiency. For children, however, it's a completely different ball game. Routines give young children a sense of security. They feel safer when they can look ahead and know how they are expected to act. Parents always marvel at how quickly their children thrive as soon as starting to attend our early childhood program. The structured days built around opportunities to master cognitive skills at their own pace give them confidence, as does the give and take that comes from social interactions with their peers. Not only do these experiences foster independence as children learn to take responsibility for their actions but they also are a source of pride and make children feel grown-up.

However take them away, even for a fun-filled summer and many children find themselves at odds without knowing why. Some feel anxious about missing teachers and friends and wondering if they'll ever see them again. Meanwhile their social skills deteriorate as they become cranky, and parents fear all the learning that took place over the year will disappear without reinforcement. But unlike their older brothers and sisters, preschoolers do not benefit from home-designed lessons that lack the routine of their daily lessons and learning experiences.

This is why our EPIC Endeavors Academy early childhood program teachers and summer camp staff have collaborated on designing a summer program that will enrich skills yet provide fun-filled activities emblematic of summer camps. They achieve this by creating week long programs that mirror activities the children have mastered throughout the school year. For example, there's a week devoted to art, music, and dance as well as a performing arts week where they are encouraged to play the roles of characters they know from familiar fairy tales.

Our summer sessions are flexible to allow for family vacations and other childcare arrangements, offering summer camps packages ranging from one week to one month, as well as full summers. And we accommodate parents' work schedules with the choice of morning, afternoon, or full day sessions.

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