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  EPIC Preschool Class Offerings

                              Preschool scholars will become more expert on: gravity, oxidation, 

                              simple machines, landforms, circuits and light reflections/refractions,

                              space & planets, human body systems, plants, and more!

                              Preschool scholars will become experienced in: much art, reading,

                              and math as they learn about many topics.

MWF Little Researcher & Athlete

                       Preschool scholars will study how the classification of animals is done by traits

                 including what traits make it a: mammal, reptile, amphibian, fish, bird, etc. and 

                 their ecosystems and necessary adaptations necessary to help it survive. The

                 end of the year is finished with a study of plant life cycles.

                 Preschool scholars will experience different sports every month such as volleyball,

                 kick ball, football, bowling, hockey, baseball, golf, etc.

TTH Art-Literature-Math-Music-Dance

                 Preschool scholars will study about different holiday themes, read literature, and                              make many crafts by painting, cutting, and gluing around that theme.

                 Preschool scholars will make music with movements. They will love their experience                          with music sticks and learning how to be a Bell choir. Young scholars LOVE the bells!

​                       Preschool scholars will be apprenticed in coding! They will code Dash and Dot two

                 of our robots. Preschool scholars will input the code to move small robots and the                                algorithm behind it. They will problem solve other coding patterns in music and.                                    movements. This is a hit by all!

Do you want half day or full day? No problem, see options below.
Early DROP OFF 7:00-8:30 M-F
Lunch Bunch Book Club 12:00-12:45 M-F 
Late Pick Up ~ After School Enrichment 3:45-5:30 M-F
Check out our half day (part time) and full day (full time) packages!
Students will get 1 on 1, small group, and large group instruction daily.  
Activities are designed to promote 
intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development in your preschooler. 
FALL 2024 preschool begins September 3, 2024.
She comes home talking about gravity. "Mom, watch! My
mittens fall because of gravity."
      -parent of EPIC preschooler

"We love EPIC staff and are thrilled with how excited she is to tell us all about what she is learning each day. Best decision we've made for her!"

                                     - Parent of EPIC preschooler

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