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The Story Behind it all...

Small Group Work!


WELCOME to EPIC Endeavors Preschool Academy!

My name is Trista Stamness. I am owner and founder of EPIC Endeavors

Preschool Academy. The endeavor of opening up a "state of the art" preschool

learning lab for children and enrichment center for all ages didn’t just happen,

it evolved over 20 years from learning experiences through researching, 

parenting, teaching, and traveling nationally as a Executive Coach Staff

Developer training administrators and teachers in the field of Pre-K-12th grade education.


Our STEM preschool academy is located in Rochester, Minnesota, close to Mayo Clinic.


Why start a preschool?

There is nothing better than watching an exemplary teacher develop a learning environment that is student centered with focus or purpose on learning every day. So often students encounter some great teachers and some not so great and unfortunately much learning can be simply left to chance due to who teaches them; which can be why some students grow more than others. Often the environment and knowledge of the professional and their professional development can make all the difference! Over the years I have seen a vast amount of great and exemplary classrooms, schools, and districts.  What separates the good from great or even exemplary is purposeful instruction and focus on building an environment of “thinking” and students who are “thinkers”.  Students soar when teachers raise their expectations and modeling and shift their mindset to having no limits to what a child can and will learn. This is why I opened EPIC preschool! Students will soar when given the right environments for them to soar in.


This vast professional knowledge and experience I have been so fortunate to acquire throughout my professional journey is my number 1 reason to start a preschool. I want to use my knowledge and skills and  “pay it forward” to serve Rochester and Southern Minnesota community by creating an exemplary preschool for our future leaders. I hope to serve all the professional parents who desire an exemplary place of learning for their child each and everyday. I want parents to feel comfortable, confident, and happy about leaving their child in our hands to further their learning. I know each parent will be excited to pick up their child to hear about all their daily adventures. 


What you can expect?

As owner and director, I hold high expectations for the hiring and training of our staff to assure we serve Rochester and all surrounding communities a great authentic EPIC learning environment where little learners have impressive success daily. Expect our daily mission to serve your family and our community the best “beyond the ordinary” educational enrichment opportunities known in the world.


Consider us the destination center for EPIC Educational Enrichment Endeavors for your child’s life! INVEST IN YOUR CHILD!


Expect my professional knowledge, (captured from researching, teaching, coaching, parenting, and providing national professional development to many schools and districts as well as parents within many communities across the country) to drive best practices in learning and developing the whole child daily.


What is behind the name?

EPIC: extending beyond the usual or ordinary especially in size or scope.

impressively great | very impressive; awesome


ENRICHEMENT: abundance of anything desirable to add greater value or significance to


ENDEAVORS: To exert oneself to do or effect something

Conscientious effort toward an end | Purposeful activity



Your child to go beyond the ordinary preschool skills which are typically shapes, colors, etc.

A purposeful playful learning environment to leave significant impact on your child’s life long skills to be a reader, writer, and leader.

Impressive growth in reading and writing!

Impressive learning about our world of science|math|social studies!

How to get started?

Call or email to set up a tour of EPIC preschool to see if we are a “right fit” for what you are seeking in your child’s early learning years.

507-319-5709 or email


Enrichment Endeavors Preschool Academy Mission statement

To provide a “state of the art” enrichment environment to stretch intellectual growth and curiosity for each budding scholar by assuring they develop into a scholarly reader, writer and thinker of all world questions and ideas.


Enrichment Endeavors Preschool Academy Philosophy of Education

Kids get smart through exposure, modeling, stimulating environments that foster high expectations in a positive playful intellectual environment. Purposeful play and practice grows children. All children will learn and grow their schema when provided enriching focused playful environments that includes: targeted inquiry based questioning and problem solving, focused observation and modeling that includes peer interaction and dialog, after reading, writing, and thinking about our world. We all believe to have balance in free choice & challenge with purposeful practice to their interest and interesting topics about our world.


In a nutshell, we believe there is no cap for how far a child will grow and learn just because they are a certain age. We will use formative assessments to learn what a child can do and then determine goals to further their learning in that area. We offer very personalized learning. We will reteach when they need more practice and move to another skill when they master it. Minnesota standards checklist will be our starting guide for all our preschoolers, but it is only a starting place for us to determine where they are and where we can further stretch the students intellect to grow far beyond any checklist stated for preschool.


As a student masters a skill, we will stretch them to a new skill or strategy to become all they have potential to be at this young age. If a little child can learn the name Tyrannosaurus Rex, they can learn anything! NO GLASS CEILINGS FOR THEIR AGE!

Our belief is to be on purpose with our intentional questioning, inquiry, experiments, problem solving to “jump start” learning through questions and solutions.  Our process of learning will foster reflective Socratic dialog and journaling, so our young scholars see themselves as a researcher, engineer, mathematician, artist, designer, musician, athlete, scientist who can offer the world so much more.


Having been a working professional, while being a mom who wanted the best opportunities for my child, it is my hope to serve everyone’s child by offering a menu of preschool and school age enrichment opportunities all day long to fit every unique schedule you may be seeking. It is my hope to offer enrichment so a professional schedule does not become the barrier to providing your child a “state of the art” EPIC preschool experience. Ultimately, I want to offer you the best for your child’s development without barriers of schedules. I welcome your suggestions to fit your need.






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