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School Age Summer Camp

Stem the Summer Slide with a School Age Summer Camp

Educational researchers have long held that a child loses academic ground over the summer. This phenomenon, known as summer slide, affects all grade levels from Kindergarten and the primary grades,through elementary, middle, and high school. Well acquainted with the fact that children can lose as much as 3 months of reading skills over the course of a summer, many having experienced it themselves, moms and dads of today search for summer camps that can be just as fun-filled as those they attended in their childhoods, but have an added bonus - an educational component.

That's why our EPIC Endeavors Academy school age summer camp staff works long and hard to design not only a school age summer camp program that provides the fun-filled days we recall from the summer camps of our youth, but also one that fits the needs and skills of school aged children. Since we can't hope to compete with family vacations, our summer learning center offers a flexible schedule with packages ranging from a week up to full summer enrollment. And to accommodate parent's work schedules and day care arrangements, children can attend a morning or a morning session as well as a full day.

As for the fun/learning balance, how does a week devoted to Forensic Science SCI adventure sound? And how about one that combines coding with drama camp. From Legos to art history, marine life to space study, our staff has created a summer learning center program that not only halts the summer slide but gives children a head start for their next grade level.

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