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Early Childhood Education, Then and Now

The concept of early childhood education has evolved over the last sixty years or so, as has the purpose of preschool. Once upon a time nursery school, as preschool was once known, was seen as a chance for a couple of hours of socialization, two or three days a week. But as more and more women entered the workplace preschool became a necessity rather than a luxury. Even families who had a baby sitter or grandma to care for children during the day chose to send their little ones to preschool so they'd be ready for kindergarten.

But the roots of preschool were planted at the time of Europe's Industrial Revolution. It was a time when families left their failing farms to flock to the cities where factory jobs guaranteed a steady income for fathers, mothers, and even children. With no one left in the home to care for them, young children were often left to be watched in facilities.  As a result infant schools came into being in Great Britain started by individuals intent on providing working class children with educational experiences similar to those enjoyed by children of more privileged classes. The beliefs of these early childhood visionaries were identical to those held by early childhood advocates behind Head Start and state-funded preschools


  • the ability of the young child's mind to absorb knowledge

  • the value of early childhood education as a vehicle out of poverty and onto a more equal playing field with that of children in private preschools

Since those days, educationally-oriented preschools like EPIC Endeavors Academy have become a way of life for working families. Our instructional programs are based on the belief that the most important years for absorbing information and making connections begins at birth and continues to peak until the age of five. These are also the years when developing emotional and social connections can be a challenge as the child ventures forth from the home. But our caring and knowledgeable teachers are dedicated to providing a developmentally appropriate environment that allows children to find their way.

EPIC Endeavors Academy offers 3-hour, half day and full day STEM preschool programs. 

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